Learn Mandarin in Bangalore from a native Chinese.

Experience first hand the language, caligraphy, food, habits and culture - All in a fun, easy and memorable way.

Learning Mandarin

We offer Chinese Mandarin language courses and lessons in multiple locations all over Bangalore in a group, one-on-one and online. After having finished our course, you will be able to converse in basic Mandarin. The course is taught by a native Chinese and so you will not only learn the language, but also the Chinese culture behind the language. Signing up for our group or one-on-one class, you may repeat your course as many times as you wish in the future for free, this will help you to practice, retain and strengthen your Mandarin speaking skills.

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One-On-One Class

For those who like flexibility.


Group Class

For those who like group learning.

Call +91 966 3349 817 to start your Chinese journey right here in Bengaluru!

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