Mandarin Language Classes offered in Bangalore

A complete course involves a minimum of 80 hours of classes, includes teaching sessions and practice sessions. The course is 2 months long. Lessons are designed for practical day to day usage and also in business environment.

Classes are held in various locations in Bengaluru: Banashankari 2nd stage, Koramangala, Indiranagar and Yelahanka.

Skype classes are also available.

Typical lessons are broken down as follows:

Lesson-1 Basic: Pinyin & tones

Chinese characters are the writing symbols of Chinese language. And the Pinyin is the mark of phonetic notation for Chinese characters. Pinyin uses accented English alphabets. Tone is a very important and difficult aspect of learning Chinese. Many characters have the same spelling in Pinyin but have different tones. There are 4 tones and one neutral tone in Chinese. You will master the tones as you progress through the course.

Lesson-2 Say Hello: Introductory conversation

Impress your Chinese counterpart from the get go! You will learn 4 grammar constructs so you can hold a smooth initial conversation.

Lesson-3 Counting 123: Numbers and at a Café

Numbers is something you can’t do without. From asking how much for a coffee to ordering the right quantity. Learn about quantity and also the right ways to quantify depending on what you are counting. Cups of coffee or people, hours and more. You will learn 4 grammar constructs to along with your numbers.

Lesson-4 Let’s meet up!

Setting up a time to meet with a person is crucial when you are travelling. You will learn 3 grammar constructs so you don’t miss the meeting.

Lesson-5 Get curious: Question and answer and choice

There is no conversation without questions. Questions are an integral part of learning not only the language, but also about culture. You will learn 3 grammar constructs so you can ask ever thing under the sun.

Lesson-6 Hail a Taxi! Travelling conversation

Get to where you really want to go. You will learn 4 grammar constructs so you can get to anywhere from sightseeing and back to the airport.

Lesson-7 Eating out

Don’t go hungry, order right and eat like a king or a queen. You will learn 4 grammar constructs to make sure you don’t go hungry.

Lesson-8 Order room service – delivery/Take away

Like to take away or order room service. You will learn the grammar to do it right.

Lesson-9 I am sick

Health is wealth. You will learn 2 grammar constructs to get you back on your feet.

Lesson-10 Talking with the house keeper

Let the housekeeper know what’s clean. Learn the right grammar to get it right.

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